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brunch club - SOHO

brunch club is one of those cafes that I keep coming back to every time I’m in Hong Kong. There are in fact two - one in Causeway Bay (which is also a supper club) and one in Soho. I generally prefer the vibe of the Soho one, more relaxed with a cute courtyard, magazines and couches. The only downside is that it is up a GIANT hill, and you get to pass an elderly woman on the way who will mutter and shout incoherent words at you. She has been there for at least the past 5-6 years. 

  • What we ate:

brunch club has quite an extensive menu - from pastas and sandwiches to fish and wine and dessert. S. and I went for lunch so I had an all-day breakfast option of 2 eggs and 2 sides - scrambled eggs with a choice of breads, and 2 sides from a large list. S. had the club sandwich which came with a cute little hash brown. They also make freshly squeezed juices (a luxury in most Asian countries) so I had an apple, carrot and ginger juice, while S. had orange, carrot and celery juice. 

brunch club
Ground Floor,
70 Peel Street,
Central, Hong Kong

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