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Hurricane’s Grill - Bondi Beach, Sydney

Hurricane’s seems to be the go-to place for men who want lots of meat. Naturally then, SD’s choice of location for his birthday dinner. Those booking in groups watch out - there is a $10 per person deposit. The kitchen seems well prepared for large groups, all our meals managed to arrive pretty much simultaneously! I guess they are well rehearsed considering the place is packed every. single. night. 

One thing that really gets me down about this place is the price - it is very expensive. And yes, the meat is great, but it’s just really a lot of money to fork out on a casual meal. It’s a shame the meat doesn’t come with some ‘healthier’ sides - the option of having a small salad or some steamed veggies would be nice. The meat was really very good though (ahhh juicy succulent ribs!). For those who can’t get to Bondi, there are also restaurants in Darling Harbour and Top Ryde (plus you can get takeaway!).

  • What we ate:

R and I shared a full rack of pork ribs with chips ($42.90) which turned out to be the perfect portion for two girls. Others had the whole rack to themselves…DS had the rib eye steak 350g ($35) with a baked potato and sour cream. All in all, a very filling and satisfying meal - cutting those ribs really makes you feel like you’ve worked for your meat. 

Hurricane’s Grill
130 Roscoe Street
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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